Focus On Facilitation

Overview of Focus On Facilitation Training

The need for facilitation skills is higher than ever in today's business evironment. Companies are looking for specialists who are professionally trained to effectively manage team interactions. But, very few are skilled to bring together the efforts and thoughts of others to deliver the required outcomes.

Focus On Facilitation combines tools from three core thinking methods (Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking & Direct Attention Thinking Tools) to enable the facilitation of meetings and discussions  - enabling all those present to achieve their aims more effectively and efficiently.

This new workshop shows you how to combine tools from all the core de Bono tools (Lateral Thinking™, Six Thinking Hats® and Direct Attention Thinking Tools™ (DATT), to become an expert facilitator for any kind of meeting. Get employees engaged and help them accomplish much more - before, during, and after attending the new kind of meetings you will plan and facilitate for them.

The workshop includes a mix of teaching and practical exercises. Participants will work in small groups with continual support from the trainer, who has been certified by Dr de Bono to deliver the course. Each delegate is supplied with a comprehensive workbook to provide ongoing reinforcement of the techniques learnt.

With the proficiency gained from this course, you'll have complete confidence in your ability to work with groups as an expert de Bono facilitator. Participants will show up prepared and will contribute fully when you employ all your new tools and techniques. They will rave about your meetings and the results that come from them.

The Focus On Facilitation Toolset

Six Thinking Hats

The primary thinking management tool for creative and constructive thinking.

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Lateral Thinking

The creative accelerator that generates a wealth of new ideas.

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Direct Attention Thinking Tools

These focus or mind on specific thinking tasks to increase productivity.

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Benefits of Focus On Facilitation:

  • Facilitate better, more effective thinking and communication
  • Provide frameworks for meetings and discussions
  • Focus and direct the thinking of others
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