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The CoRT Tools

Overview of the CoRT Training & Lessons

CoRT (Cognitive Reasearch Trust) is a package of 60 lessons for the teaching of Conctructive thinking in schools from approximate age of 8 upwards. Named after the Cognitive Research Trust established by Dr. De Bono in Cambridge, England, is now the most widely used course in the work for the direct teaching of thinking. Over 7 million students in over 30 countries including the U.K., the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Venezuela and Ireland are using it.

It is generally accepted that one of the most important tasks that formal education can hope to accomplish, is to produce individuals who can think for themselves. The CoRT Thinking Programme represents the most comprehensive approach to the teaching of thinking. It includes generative and creative thinking, operational and constructive thinking.

It is used by children and adults across a broad span of age and ability levels. When used in any kind of classroom, it effects positive change in the learning environment. The thinking skills it teaches provides pupils not only with tools to improve their academic records, but also gives them real life skills.


CoRT is a 60 lesson course that teaches students of all abilities to effectively apply their intelligence to any academic, personal, or social situation. Teachers can be trained and certified on the CoRT Tools, so that they can introduce Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking Skills in a deliberate and formal way in the classroom.




Benefits of The CoRT Tools:

  • People can learn to think and judge for themselves
  • Develop a greater understanding and appreciation of your own potential
  • Become more proactive and constructive
  • Provides for broader thinking and a more comprehensive viewpoint or decision

The CoRT Tools

CoRT 1 - Breadth Helps students broaden perception-as fundamental to thinking as vocabulary is to reading.
CoRT 2 - Organisation Shows students how to organize their thinking.
CoRT 3 - Interaction Helps students observe the thinking involved in arguments, how a point of view is presented or defended, and the value and types of evidence.
CoRT 4 - Creativity Students find out how to change concepts and patterns for great results in design thinking.
CoRT 5 - Information & Feeling Asks what information do we have? What do we need? How can we get it? What values and feelings can we apply to the information?.
CoRT 6 - Action Introduces visual symbols that can be used to direct thinking. CoRT 6 uses a student instead of work-cards.


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