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Why Creative Thinking?

Why Edward de Bono?

Why The Foundation?

























Why The Edward de Bono Foundation?

5 Good Reasons To Work With The Edward de Bono Foundation when it comes to working in partnership on developing creativity and innovation in your organisation:


Permanent Trustee

Dr Edward de Bono is a permanent trustee of The Foundation which means he approves and supports its work


Experienced Life Time Master Trainers

All work done by The Foundation is carried out by Master Trainers who have been personally trained and approved by Dr de Bono ensuring their work is of the highest standard


Registered Charity

The Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation which ensures all monies are reinvested in supporting global projects and organisations to promote constructive thinking


Tailored To Your Needs

All our work is taliored to the clients' needs ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness


Our Mission For A Lasting Legacy

The Foundation's mission is to provide the world with the opportunity to learn and use better thinking, to help promote international harmony, wellbeing and future co-operation



Creative thinking, in terms of idea creativity, is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured.
- Edward de Bono


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